Managed WAN Optimization

Service Overview

AireSpring offers multiple options for WAN Optimization. All AireSpring SD-WAN services take advantage of network-based TCP & UP Optimization, as well as Link Steering and Remediation to accelerate and optimize traffic across networks.

AireSpring also offers WAN Optimization as an optional component. Advanced Application Acceleration offers enterprises the ability to mitigate the adverse effects on business applications brought about by geographic distance. The latency which accompanies such a situation leads to suboptimal application performance which in turn results in a reduction of business productivity. Advanced Application Acceleration offers features such as TCP Deduplication and application acceleration designed to deliver data to users at LAN speeds and latencies where possible, rather than exposing the entirety of traffic to the vagaries of long distance, high latency links.

Do you have an application that communicates data across long, geographically distributed locations? Are you looking to improve user experience and productivity? With AireSpring’s pure software-based optimization offering deployed at our Global Private Network POPs, adding WAN optimization to your global SD-WAN solution is easy. We offer a software-based WAN Optimization solution to help reduce bandwidth consumption and improve application performance.

Core Capabilities

Network-based TCP & UDP Optimization accelerates data through TCP/UDP Optimization techniques.

Optimize the exchange of large files to any location within the network or cloud. TCP byte caching and Layer 7 Application Acceleration deliver business data to users in a fraction of the time. This improves application response time, data transfers, and cloud connectivity.

Reduce long data replication times of files and provide real-time data sharing of applications improving operations and overall productivity. Provides a LAN experience for business-critical applications reducing the reliance on a high latency, long distance WAN link.

Reduce bandwidth costs by over 60% while improving link speed 5 to 15 times on average, accelerating the performance of mission-critical applications. Application performance typically sees an increase of 5X over long distance, high latency links


Network-based TCP & UDP Optimization included with every Global Managed SD-WAN offering.

AireSpring’s Advanced Application Acceleration WAN Optimization solution is deployed virtually at AireSpring’s Global Private Network Gateways worldwide and is available as a value-added option.


Overcome latency, slow performance, and large file transfers utilizing WAN Optimization technology that focuses on block level deduplication, compression and specific protocol optimization like TCP, HTTP/S, CIFs, MAPI, FTP to:

  • Transfer files 100 to 150 times faster
  • reduce bandwidth costs 90-97%
  • 3.5-15 times average link speed improvement

Features with Description

Network-based TCP & UDP Optimization

VeloCloud™ TCP & UDP Optimization & Acceleration, Link Steering and Remediation

Advanced Application Acceleration

TCP & UDP Optimization & Acceleration, Link Steering and Remediation PLUS Application protocol-specific optimization and acceleration – compression, SSL, CIFS

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